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Stressful events are omnipresent in the working world: severe industrial accidents, retail robberies, traumatic experiences during foreign assignments or work-related anxiety about the future have enormous effects on your employees. We stand by your side as you manage these psychological challenges.

Our points of focus

Psychological acute intervention

In case of a hold-up, accident or traumatic event, you will find that we provide professional support from a single source: from psychological acute care to prevention.


We advise you on location in all concerns relating to the development and optimization of procedures in case of drastic occurrences in the working world. We continually reexamine conventional approaches and develop new solutions to the benefit of our customers.

Risk analysis

Through scientifically based diagnostics methods, we offer our customers reliable and secure forecasting at the highest level and with long-term effects. Our risk analyses encompass early recognition and prevention.


Prevention means considering the inconceivable and imagining the unimaginable. We cannot prevent work accidents, acts of violence or trauma. However, we can reduce the risk that severe stress reactions will develop or permanent disability will result after a drastic event.


We are committed to the restoration and permanent preservation of the best possible health conditions. Rehabilitation and integration management mean the constant preservation and improvement of treatment outcomes. We accompany our customers and their employees as a partner through the entire rehabilitation process and optimally support them in reintegrating to their work and social lives.

Advantages for your company

A company is only as healthy as its employees. A rapid psychological acute intervention after traumatic events can prevent the occurrence of negative long-term consequences. This can avoid extended absences, or even permanent disability. Your employees become healthy faster and are available to the company as quickly as possible.

TERAPON Consulting GmbH

TERAPON was founded in Essen in 2007 and is one hundred percent owned by the KÖTTER Group. TERAPON, and its supporting network of experienced psychotherapists and psychologists, is on duty around the clock for customers of all industries across Germany and Europe. The CEO is Dr. Christian Lüdke, a renowned trauma expert, member of the German-Language Society for Psychotraumatology, member of the NRW Chamber of Psychotherapists and member of the German Society for Hypnosis and Hypnosis Therapy. More information at