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Professional fire protection

From support for your emergency personnel to the complete outsourcing of your fire department

Fire threatens human life; fire threatens material assets; fire threatens companies' existence. The damage that fire can cause can shut an entire company down. Workplace fire protection is therefore one of the most sensitive security topics. Utilize the know-how of KÖTTER Fire & Service.

From taking over subtasks to operation of the entire facility fire service

Regardless of whether it's voluntary or legally stipulated: a facility fire service must be optimally equipped for all cases. In connection with country-specific regulations, standards and laws, KÖTTER Fire & Service not only supports your facility fire service by placing trained firefighters. We go one step further: as part of outsourcing and after corresponding conceptualization, we can take on the structuring and operation of your entire facility fire servi

Fire prevention

Fire protection doesn't just mean putting out fires. Many of the responsibilities of a facility fire service particularly relate to preventive fire protection: 

  • Creation of the fire protection concept
  • Consideration of the fire protection requirement plan
  • Creation risk analysis and determination of protection objectives
  • Fire load reduction
  • Ignition source prevention
  • Creation of fire protection rules
  • Identification, specification and keeping rescue routes clear
  • Inspection of structural fire protection measures and equipment
  • Firewall work and hot work monitoring

In connection with inspection and consulting tasks, the facility fire service from KÖTTER Fire & Service makes an important contribution to ensuring that fires do not start in the first place.

Defensive fire protection

During the course of application engineering, we plan operational tactics, create alarm and mobilization regulations, plan and conduct education and training and ensure optimal preparation for emergencies as a result. Performed operations are regularly evaluated by our management team: all operations are documented and analyzed, then evaluated and discussed with all emergency personnel. Last but not least, materials and vehicles are restored to readiness. 

Qualified specialists

The employees called into action are the crucial factor in workplace fire protection. Our trained firefighters (in accordance with regulation FwDv 2 or AGBF guidelines) additionally have various supplementary qualifications, such as additional training as an equipment handler, control center dispatcher, emergency response officer or paramedic. In addition to emergency personnel, KÖTTER Fire & Service also provides management personnel, such as plant fire department managers. 

Investment in vehicles, technology and workshop

In addition to education and training of fire department personnel, properly functioning technology is the most important criterion for the smooth operation of a fire department. As part of outsourcing, KÖTTER Fire & Service takes over the existing inventory and invests in new or additional technology as required. In addition to operation of the hose and respiratory protection workshop, we also provide and maintain the complete range of extinguishing technology, including all emergency vehicles. 

Your benefits

  • Relieves companies required to maintain a fire department of personnel costs and risks
  • Elimination of capital commitment and depreciation for the required material and equipment
  • Through combination with other services of KÖTTER Security, such as in the fields of occupational rescue services, plant protection, occupational and health safety, security technology, etc., we help you to optimize your entire range of corporate security and to generate synergistic effects.