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There is hardly a branch of industry in Germany that is subject to hygiene and cleaning requirements that are as strict as in the food industry. Many different standards and laws specify the handling of machines and systems, areas, personnel, operating resources and raw materials. You must insist on quality when implementing these specifications. Rely on the cleaning experts from KÖTTER Cleaning.

Carelessly cleaned machines and hall floors, spilled coolants or lubricants and the use of the wrong cleaning agents are only three of numerous risks that can have effects on food hygiene and, in the worst case, on the health of consumers – and on the success of your company as a result. 

Therefore: when it comes to hygiene in the food industry, you may accept no compromises.

That includes the selection of your cleaning services provider. Rely on the decades of experience and the knowledge of KÖTTER Cleaning. We coordinate our services with your existing HACCP concept and integrate them smoothly into your daily business:

  • Professional cleaning of all areas where food is produced, processed, prepared or stored
  • Complete supplying of all areas with consumables (soap, disinfectant, disposable towels, etc.)
  • Professional cleaning of all machines, systems and devices that come into contact with food.
  • Responsibility for the complete fluid management of machines & systems (purchasing, delivery, inspection and replacement as applicable of coolants and lubricants)
  • Waste management (hygienic waste disposal of packaging, production residues, catering waste, etc.)

Quality assurance

Quality is the highest priority for KÖTTER Cleaning when cleaning food producing or food processing equipment. This results in the consideration of and compliance with the following requirements, among others:

  • Creation of a cleaning and disinfection plan in coordination with the client
  • Exclusive use of listed cleaning agents
  • Exclusive use of specialized utensils (identified for the respective operating area)
  • Separate storage of cleaners and disinfectants (separate from food)
  • Proper labeling of all containers (to protect against possible mix-up)
  • Logging of all activities, without exception
  • Internal & external auditing of our cleaning services
  • Regular education and training of employed cleaning workers

Cleanliness in administrative areas

The highest standards don't only apply to the cleaning of areas that have direct contact with food, however, but also in office spaces. KÖTTER Cleaning takes care of cleaning and maintenance of:

  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Hallways and foyers
  • Windows and facades
  • Exterior and green spaces