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Master difficult everyday situations easier

Do you sometimes feel stressed? Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself from time to time? Do you have problems for which you'd like support in solving?

Everyday challenges

You are subject to all kinds of stress every day, at work and at home. There's stress with colleagues, trouble with your partner, an appointment calendar bursting at the seams and many other factors that place demands on you. When these stress factors build up, it can become more and more difficult to absorb them. Stress, internal unrest, anxiety, as well as difficulties concentrating, joylessness and states of exhaustion can be the result.  

TERA-Pi supports your ability to perform

The online support program TERA-Pi ( supports you in confronting your burdens for the long term. Over a period of 12 weeks, you will receive access to new training modules each week. You will easily learn to better manage your everyday life and problems that arise. Our support team of experienced psychotherapists, with whom you can discuss your personal problems and difficulties, stands by your side the entire time.

The "Powerful Calm" module

Would you like to remain calm when the day is hectic? Would you like to be able to enjoy your free time after a stressful day? With the "Powerful Calm" module, you will learn to positively influence your tendency to be triggered. A high tendency toward triggering is expressed, for example, by stress symptoms, internal unrest and states of anxiety.  

The "Energetic Alertness" module

Would you like to have a healthy sense of confidence in your own capabilities? Do you want to actively and deliberately approach difficult situations? With the "Energetic Alertness" module, you will learn to positively influence your low motivation. Low motivation is expressed, for example, by difficulties concentrating, joylessness, fatigue and states of exhaustion. During both modules, you will receive supporting exercises for emotional, mental and physical recovery which you can utilize specifically and safely in your everyday life.

TERA-Pi for business

With the online support program, your employees can easily and effectively learn to manage their own stress at the workplace and in their private lives. They are supported in developing reflective and healthy work methods which not only positively affect their own health but also ultimately reinforce the success of your company. Support for the ability to deal with conflict and improvement to social skills promotes cooperation. Your business benefits when competition and misunderstandings become cooperation and good working relationships. 

Certified & tested

TERA-Pi is the first online therapy to have been certified by the Zentralen Prüfstelle Prävention ("Central Prevention Test Center") and has received the "Deutscher Standard Prävention" seal of approval. 

Cost assumption by insurance companies

The costs incurred for our prevention courses are assumed in part or even completely by nearly all health insurance companies.

TERA-Pi: an offering of TERAPON Consulting GmbH

TERAPON, a company of the KÖTTER Group, was founded in Essen in 2007 and specializes in efficient health management. The CEO is the renowned trauma expert, Dr. Christian Lüdke. For customers from all branches of the economy, TERAPON ( and its network of experienced psychologists, especially in the area of psychological acute intervention (after traumatic events), are available and on duty around the clock – across Germany and Europe. 

Your benefit

  • It can be used preventively as well as curatively.
  • The effectiveness of Internet-based counseling is scientifically documented and at least as effective as face-to-face counseling sessions.
  • Participation in the online support program is anonymous, so that frequent obstacles to utilization don't even occur in the first place. 
  • The offering is available around the clock and from any PC.

We would like to take this opportunity to note that we do not offer psychotherapeutic treatment. We want to support your health and to positively change existing stress factors. If you suffer from one or more mental illnesses, or suspect that you may, we recommend contacting a registered psychotherapist or your doctor first. If you are waiting for an opening for psychotherapy, participation in our program can certainly bridge the waiting period, or you can use our offering as a supplement following consultation with your therapist or doctor.