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Global Risks & Trends

Recognizing and managing risks

Analytical expertise in global markets

For companies in global markets, challenges in the areas of compliance and security are increasing. Non-compliance can cause significant economic damages, as well liability and reputational damages.

Threat analyses

As an internationally operating company, you face ever-increasing compliance and security challenges in global markets: terrorism, natural catastrophes and epidemics, political conflicts, corruption, robberies and abductions, as well as many other risks of criminal activity.

Recognizing and managing these risks is the legal obligation of every company's management. German Business Protection supports its customers in taking on this task.

Risk forecasting

As a decision-maker, you need reliable information. You need help deciding if, when and under what conditions you can send your employees to crisis-stricken countries. GBP supplies you with this information. We collect, evaluate and consolidate risk information. We use this to create so-called country risk profiles and trend analyses of economic and political trends in a wide variety of markets. Based on the customized risk study we have created, you can make a well-founded decision.

Travel & expat security

The security departments of globally operating companies face significant challenges due to the varying risk landscapes of foreign locations and target markets. The protection of business travelers and expatriates is made particularly difficult by the geographical distance between the assignment location and corporate headquarters. As a result, emergency situations often cannot be recognized and overcome quickly enough. 

The foundation of any travel security system are travel security guidelines, tailored to the company, which specify rules for booking and carrying out trips and are binding for all travelers. You can rely on the expertise of GBP when designing these framework conditions.