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Successful business operations, even under the most difficult conditions

Are you interested in understanding your global opportunities, but lack knowledge of the security-specific risks of the respective markets? We will accompany your international expansion and provide you with structural support in your existing markets with security-specific country and market analyses. We advise you on administrative processes and partner with you in all questions relating to compliance & security.

Internationalization doesn't happen on its own

"Made in Germany" remains a seal of quality - about 65% of German companies are active in international markets. An expansion doesn't happen on its own, however. That which works well in Germany may not automatically be a success abroad. A host of risks and obstacles lie in wait.

For corporate management, it is therefore essential to intensively and critically address key factors in advance. Every internationalization project is a challenge unto itself. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; procedures customized for the company, the market and the industry are needed.

Corporate Security

A well-founded and comprehensive security strategy is as important for internationally operating companies as a classical corporate strategy. GBP will develop a security management concept tailored to your company and assist with consistent implementation into your corporate organization.

This concept is continually evaluated through regular audits. Together with you, we develop preventive measures for effective safeguarding of corporate governance, as well as for protection of the corporate infrastructure.

Site Security

Your foreign properties make up an important component of your security concept. GBP adapts existing concepts, expands them with country-specific characteristics and implements global security processes based on uniform quality and security standards. We offer specific training for your foreign employees, and for those working abroad.

Crisis management in case of emergency

If an emergency occurs due to an unforeseen event, the course of events and its effects can have devastating consequences. GBP develops crisis management concepts and emergency plans and can provide acute assistance, including the initiation of necessary immediate measures, in case of emergency. In order to rise to these special challenges, we additionally offer you staff crisis exercises with realistic scenarios.

Special: hotel security

Every hotel management team today faces risks, not only due to a rising number of tourists, but also due to the general political situation in the world, which can range from simple pickpocketing to hostage-taking or attacks. With the help of the Global Lighthouse Certification Program (a security audit specially developed for the hotel industry) we assess and increase the security level in your hotel. Does your company want to have successful business operations, even under the most difficult conditions? Contact us – we are here for you.