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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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On-site & near-site management

Always at your side

Short distances are worth their weight in gold: human resources management on site at your location

The coordination of several dozen or even several hundred temporary workers can be extremely time-consuming and coordination-intensive. We take this effort off your hands – our solutions: on-site management & near-site management.

With just a few temporary workers, efforts on the part of both the temp agency and the employer are still manageable. When there is a large number, however, as is frequently the case in large corporations or for large projects, the number of responsibilities for all parties involved grows significantly. The customer's human resources and technical departments must coordinate numerous internal processes and the temp agency takes care of a wide range of employee-specific processes. In order to ensure all-important customer and employee proximity and to relieve you of as many processes as possible, we recommend implementing your temporary staffing project with the "on-site management" or "near-site management" variants.

On-site management

Our "on-site manager" works from an office at your facilities. From here, they coordinate and control all of the hired temporary workers. Their responsibilities include, for example:

  • Recruiting of required temporary workers
  • Support for hired temporary workers
  • Complete organizational and administrative processing (access authorizations, introductions, health and security checks, etc.)
  • Communication & reporting to the customer

Your benefits: in addition to the short distances, which benefit employees and customer alike, our "on-site manager" relieves you of many responsibilities.

Near-site management

Project coordination shouldn't take place in your facilities? No problem: the KÖTTER Group is represented at more than 50 locations across Germany – including near you. Whether on-site management or near-site management: we guarantee short distances.

Master vendor & neutral vendor

Both on-site management and near-site management can be implemented as master vendor variants. 

Bonus points

  • Smooth workflow and straightforward communication.

  • Short distances and fast response times.

  • Assumption of all organizational and

  • Disburdening of your company executives

  • Complete coordination of the temporary workforce, regardless of the number of service providers.

  • One central contact who is responsible for all human resources.