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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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Master vendor & neutral vendor

We coordinate the services of many

One for all – as master or neutral vendor, we take on the coordination and controlling of all recruitment agencies.

Do you work with many different employees from multiple recruitment agencies? Then you know how significant the effort to handle all service providers can be. We reduce this effort to a minimum for you. We give you more freedom for your core business.

Resource gluttons

The more recruitment agencies and temporary workers that are hired in your company, the greater the effort your human resources department or the respective technical departments must outlay for the smooth management of all associated processes. In large companies, there are often full-time positions just for this process management. You can utilize these resources differently – when you rely on "master vendor" or "neutral vendor" solutions from KÖTTER Personnel Services.

KÖTTER Personnel Services as "master vendor"

As "master vendor," we are not just one of many recruitment agencies – in this role, we also take responsibility for the complete coordination and controlling of all recruitment agencies (co-suppliers) and temporary workers working for you. This includes, for example:

  • Responsible customer care according to the principle of "one face to the customer."
  • Coordination of the various recruitment agencies
  • Sourcing and preliminary selection of required temporary workers
  • Support for hired temporary workers
  • Complete organizational and administrative processing (access authorizations, monitoring of work hours and invoices, health and security checks, etc.)
  • Uniform reporting

Your advantages: your department that was previously responsible for this coordination – normally human resources – saves enormous resources and can focus on your actual core business. KÖTTER

Personnel Services as "neutral vendor"

Even if you don't take on any temporary staff from us, you can still benefit from all of these advantages. As "neutral vendor," we take responsibility for the identical services; that is, as a neutral coordinator. Your advantages: regardless of whether you employ workers from KÖTTER Personnel Services or not, you benefit in every case from our know-how and years of experience.

Bonus points

  • One central contact who is responsible for all human resources.
  • Recruiting, sourcing, scheduling and processing from a single source.
  • Immense relief for your technical departments
  • Complete coordination of the temporary workforce, regardless of the number of service providers.