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In-Store Logistics

Full service for retail: from incoming to outgoing goods

No matter whether food retail, supermarket, DIY store, drug store, discount store, pet supplies or special items: We are your partner for in-store logistics!

Currently, more than 2,000 employees in retail are ensuring full shelves, manned checkouts, accurate inventories, effective promotions and speedy logistics processes. Are you next?

Impressive Figures

For more than 15 years we have been a reliable partner for retail throughout Germany. Every year, our team ensures that around 400,000 pallets are removed from over 13,000 trucks and placed on shelves. Our teams at the cash registers look after around 18 million customers a year and scan around 250 million items. This makes us one of the market-leading in-store logistics partners in Germany.

Goods Clearance

To ensure that your customers find the goods in the right place and that full pallets do not block the aisles, we ensure that the shelves are filled when the goods are cleared, check the quantities delivered, carry out price labelling, reflect the goods on the shelves, carry out quality controls, dispose of outer packaging and much more. In the case of perishable foodstuffs, we ensure that the cold chain is maintained and check the best-before date. It goes without saying that we are not only active in the market, but also in the warehouse, where we ensure that the goods are professionally placed on the respective (high) shelf.

Cash Registers

The checkout is usually the last point of contact with the customer. In addition to a speedy checkout process, it is particularly important here to make a good impression – the customer should eventually come back. This is why we rely on experienced cashiers who are not easily disturbed by anything. In addition to operating the scanner cash registers, we also take care of the (shelf) maintenance of the area close to the cash register.


Our inventory teams ensure that the inventory is recorded quickly and correctly. For more reliability, we rely on fixed and well-coordinated teams. For the inventories we either use our own technology or we are happy to use the inventory technology available in the market.

Promotion & Merchandising

Would you or a partner like to present a new delicacy to your customers and are looking for suitable personnel? No problem: our promotion team is made up of experienced salespeople from a wide range of specialist areas and will convince your customers of new products with a smile on their face. At the same time, our merchandising team takes care of the sales-promoting presentation of the new promotional goods in a prominent position.

Market Conversion & New Furnishings

Are you planning a complete or partial conversion or renovation of the sales area? We support you in doing so... We clear out the goods, take down old shelves and put up new shelves, we clean the shelves and refill them with goods. Often, helping or gripping hands are simply needed to move the goods from left to right and from top to bottom – whatever is necessary at the moment.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible personnel deployment

  • No worries if your team is on holiday or sick

  • Flexible increase of staff at Easter, Christmas etc.

  • Your sales staff can concentrate fully on the customer

  • Reduction of the “out-of-stock” figures

  • Costing reliability

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