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More freedom for your core business.

Personnel-intensive tasks? We take care of that for you!

It's impossible to consider outsourcing, on-site management or master vendor solutions without thinking of KÖTTER Personnel Services. We take over your personnel-intensive tasks that aren't part of your core business, giving you more freedom for your core business.

Our services:

Outsourcing enables concentration on your core business

In every company, there are many personnel-intensive processes and departments which are not part of the core business but are nevertheless essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Depending on the industry, these can include:


  • Accompanying production processes
  • Hotlines
  • Inventories
  • Courier and delivery services
  • Assembly tasks
  • Mailroom
  • Promotion and merchandising
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Restocking / shelf service

Have you ever considered outsourcing these processes? Take advantage of the freed capacity to concentrate on your core business.

On-site & near-site management

With "on-site management," we take over the controlling and coordination of the temporary workers you've hired from us, directly on-site at your business, with a separate office for our "on-site manager." Even if that's just a little too close, we still have the ideal solution: "near-site management." The KÖTTER Group is represented at more than 50 locations across Germany – including near you, guaranteed.

Master vendor & neutral vendor

Do you rely on simultaneous collaboration with multiple service providers to cover your personnel needs? Then you know how significant the effort to handle all of these service providers can be. We reduce this effort to a minimum for you. As "master vendor," we are not just one of many recruitment agencies – in this role, we also take responsibility for the complete coordination and controlling of all co-suppliers and temporary workers working for you. The alternative to the "master vendor" is the "neutral vendor." As "neutral vendor," we provide the identical services as with "master vendor," with one exception: you don't hire any temporary staff from us, you "only" benefit from our role as neutral coordinator and process controller.