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Human resources consulting

Human resources consulting, applicant management and staff placement

We don't just look for talent and professionals; we find them.

To stay a nose ahead in the often cited "war for talent," KÖTTER Personnel Services relies on nationwide networks, speed and professionalism. We search for suitable skilled workers and company executives for your vacancies – and we find them.

Sound familiar?

The candidate search has already taken months, projects and daily business fall by the wayside and the first customers have already started to feel the effects...It doesn't have to get that far – when searching for suitable skilled workers and company executives, you can rely on systematic and professional recruiting from KÖTTER Personnel Services.

Step 1: Consulting

Together, we specify your needs. To do so, we get all relevant parties on board: the HR department, the department with the opening and personnel specialists from KÖTTER Personnel Services. We create profiles for requirements and responsibilities, never forgetting the ever important human factors, in addition to technical qualifications.

Step 2: Search

Over a period of nearly 20 years, we have established a nationwide network through which we maintain long-term contact with high-potentials and professionals from a wide range of industries. We utilize this enormous network in the first step of our search. In addition to classical recruiting instruments (publication inserts, social networks, etc.), we also rely on promising alternatives – we search outside the mainstream.

Step 3: Applicant management

Before we present you with suitable candidates, we put them through their paces: we hold applicant interviews, organize assessment centers and use various other instruments in order to test technical and social suitability. At the end of this process, we propose a selection of suitable candidates to you.

Step 4: Placement

Together with you, we hold the subsequent applicant interviews and, if you wish, also negotiate the general terms.

Whoe'er would form eternal bonds...

Unsure whether the selected candidate is a good match? With the combination of temporary staffing and personnel placement, we offer you the opportunity to get to know your potential new employee over the course of several weeks or months, "live" and "on the job."