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Simeon M.

Apprentice glass and building cleaner

"The results of my work are immediately visible. Together with my colleagues, I make sure that everything shines for our customers, every day."

Simeon M. is 22 years old and has been an apprentice with KÖTTER Cleaning since September of 2014. The first year of his apprenticeship already provided him with an unforgettable highlight.

Taking on great responsibility at a young age

Simeon M. is 16 years old when he completes his secondary school certificate in Gelsenkirchen. He makes a very conscious decision for his next step: he applies with the Gelsenkirchen Lebenshilfe assisted living center for a voluntary year of social work. Here, he supports a disabled youth at open, full-day school. "My time with Lebenshilfe was a special chapter in my life. I had a lot of fun working there." At the end of the voluntary year of social work, he decides to continue his scholastic career. Two years later, Simeon M. has a vocational baccalaureate diploma.

A compelling internship

With an internship at KÖTTER Cleaning, he receives his first insights into the building cleaning industry in August of 2014. Simeon M. is convinced and after just four weeks, receives the opportunity to begin training as a glass and building cleaner. "I was relatively quickly convinced that I was suited for the occupation of glass and building cleaner. I'm often on the move, I have an independent sphere of activities and great colleagues who instruct me and explain the trade to me, piece by piece."

Prize of a five-day trip to Berlin

Together with three fellow students from his vocational school class, he participates in the "Sustainability in Building Cleaning" competition of the trade magazine "Reinigungsmarkt" in the Summer of 2015. The group of students impresses the specialist jury with their ideas for efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, among other things, and wins first place. The reward: a five-day trip to Berlin, including attendance to the trade show CMS, where they are able to learn about the latest trends in building cleaning. "Winning the competition and the trip, combined with multiple days of sightseeing, were definitely highlights for me so far." 

Brilliant prospects for the future

Simeon M. isn't afraid of the future; on the contrary: "The most important thing is first successfully completing my apprenticeship. I'm very optimistic about everything that comes afterward, because KÖTTER Cleaning is large. There are many opportunities and chances. I'll take advantage of one of them."