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Nathalie P.

From trainee to facility manager at KÖTTER Security

"The responsibilities are extremely diverse – no two days are the same. Bearing so much responsibility so soon after my training makes me proud."

Nathalie P. is 24 years old. She completed her training at KÖTTER Security in 2014 and is one of the youngest company executives in the more than 80 years of history of the family-owned business.

First high school graduate, then intern, then Germany's best trainee

The field of security has always fascinated Nathalie P.: as a result, she chooses to pursue an internship at KÖTTER Security after high school in 2011. She quickly finds she enjoys the varied and exciting responsibilities, making the decision that same summer to complete training as a "protection and security specialist."

This training normally takes 3 years – not the case for Nathalie P. As a result of her excellent performance, she and the company decide in the fall of 2013 to shorten the training by six months. Finally, in February of 2014, she successfully passes her examination – as Germany's best trainee in her occupation.

"In addition to the great pleasure of successfully completing the training, I was especially proud to participate in the "National Best" awards of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK). Who else gets the chance to be honored in the presence of Sigmar Gabriel and a thousand other people?"

From trainee to manager

Just half a year after the end of her training, she makes the leap to facility manager. In August of 2014, at just 22 years of age, Nathalie P. becomes one of the youngest company executives in the history of KÖTTER Security. In her current role, she bears disciplinary responsibility for a team of up to 20 security workers which is responsible for security at a globally renowned company. She coordinates daily operation and functions as a liaison between customer, employees and administration.

What does she enjoy about her job?

In addition to her actual area of responsibility, with its ever-changing set of challenges, two things are particularly important to her: intensive, trusting interaction with the customer and a team that trusts her implicitly and supports her one hundred percent.

"It's often the supposedly small things that show me that I've chosen the right profession. Of course, I'm always happy about any praise from our customers, especially after large, special operations that are not part of everyday business and present a new challenge every time. But I'm at least just as proud of my great relationship with my employees. Just as they rely on me, I can rely on them. Particularly when it comes to the security of a global corporation, a team like that is worth its weight in gold."