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Björn K.

Company technician at KÖTTER Personnel Services

"Two hearts beat in my chest: one for KÖTTER and one for 'my' customers."

Björn K. is 31 years old and has worked at KÖTTER Personnel Services since October of 2014. Through temporary staffing, Björn K. is employed as a company technician at one of the largest German media companies.

At a family business, thanks to family

At some point, everyone asks themselves, "What do I want to do for a living?" For Björn K., it was clear from the start that he was at home in the trades. An "high voltage" occupation is his goal: training as an electronics technician the logical decision. Following diverse training and a successfully passed journeyman's examination, he joins the technical department of a large energy supplier. Over the next few years, Björn K. specializes more and more in the field of building technology services.

His uncle (himself employed by KÖTTER Services) is the crucial factor in his application for an open position at KÖTTER Personnel Services in late summer of 2014. "He always talked about KÖTTER. The way you do with your family. At some point, his stories made me curious, so I spontaneously decided to apply." The spontaneous application becomes something more: since October of 2014, Björn K. has been employed as a company technician/facility manager at KÖTTER Personnel Services.

His job at one of the largest media companies in Germany

Björn K. is responsible for the smooth operation of building technology services at one of KÖTTER Personnel Services' largest customers. He resolves problems with the lighting systems, the ventilation system, as well as doors, windows and countless other fixtures and systems. He also coordinates and supervises the assignments of outside companies when they are in-house for maintenance or repair work.

"Something breaks or needs servicing somewhere, and I take care of it. I'm often on the move and meet many different colleagues every day. When the technology works again and there is still time for talking shop with colleagues, then the day was perfect." As recognition for his services and as a sign of his "belonging," Björn K. has repeatedly been invited to the customer's company parties in recent years. "The highlight was the Christmas party last year: the management thanked me for my work in a speech in front of all of the employees. That was a really good feeling."

Temporary work: initial reservations were quickly dispelled

After about two years as an employee of KÖTTER Personnel Services, Björn K. can draw a positive conclusion so far: "I was very skeptical about temporary work before my application. My initial doubts were already resolved during the job interview. And my remaining concerns were quickly dispelled, as well. I have a very good relationship with the customer and always get all the support I need from KÖTTER. I'm probably the only one with two hearts in his chest. One for KÖTTER and one for 'my' customers."

Does Björn K.'s career path interest you? Then learn about the many employment opportunities at KÖTTER Personnel Services today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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