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Aissa D.

Team leader at KÖTTER Security

"Security can be downright exciting. I never want to do anything else."

Aissa D. is 45 years old, and a dedicated BVB fan. The Moroccan native has worked in various roles at KÖTTER Security since 1997.

Foreign country and new employer

A good 20 years ago, the former retail salesman decides to emigrate to Germany. His journey leads him to Essen, in the Ruhr region. Since KÖTTER Security is omnipresent during a job search in Essen, Aissa Djaja decides to apply with the family-managed business. He makes the perfect entry into the security industry.

"At first, I was rather nervous: a new country, a new language, a new employer...the colleagues at the time welcomed me warmly, however, and made my introduction very easy. I am happy to still work with many of them today."

Responsibility for a team of nearly 30 employees

Aissa D. starts out as a patrol driver. In the evening and nighttime hours, he inspects customers' properties, providing added security. Following multiple educational advancements, including as an intervention worker and in the field of elevator rescue, the 45-year-old now also works as an intervention worker. 


In this role, he pursues the reasons for hazard alarm triggers: were windows and doors not closed properly, did animals trigger the motion detectors or are there actually unauthorized persons on the customers' premises? Particularly in the latter case, it's always time to follow your training: self-protection, inform the police, discuss further steps with the KÖTTER emergency and service control center, etc. 

In no small part due to his experience, Aissa D. is finally promoted to team leader of the alarm investigators and intervention workers in 2007. He is now responsible for nearly 30 employees: operational planning, employee support and the scheduling and optimization of patrols are among his primary responsibilities today. Despite all of the organizational tasks, he has not lost sight of the practical operations: "Of course, I'm active as an alarm investigator myself. The field is downright exciting and challenging at the same time. You never know what the day or night may bring. I don't want to do anything else."