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Starting your career

in warehouse & logistics

Many career entry opportunities in the third-largest industry in Germany

As long as 3D printers can't produce food, clothing and more at home, the logistics industry will continue to boom. As a result, there are many different opportunities for career entry and advancement for you. KÖTTER Personnel Services can show you everything that is possible.

On land, at sea and by air

The logistics industry has central importance, particularly to the exporting nation of Germany. With approx. 2.8 employees in about 60,000 companies, it is one of the most powerful engines in the German economy. The demand for qualified skilled workers and company executives is just as high.

Partner to the logistics industry

KÖTTER Personnel Services has been one of the most well-known personnel services providers in the transport and logistics industry for many years. We support our customers from all across Germany in placing personnel and provide them with temporary skilled workers and company executives in the following occupations:

  • Delivery drivers
  • Dispatchers in freight transport
  • Warehouse clerks
  • High bay warehouse forklift drivers
  • Order pickers
  • Warehouse and transport workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Incoming and outgoing goods workers
  • Side mast forklift drivers
  • Freight merchants

We are there for you

In your new job, you will work on site at our customers. However, we always remain in contact with you. We employ human resources consultants at all locations for this purpose. They get you set up at your new workplace, provide you with technical orientation and, of course, remain in regular contact with you. They are your first point of contact for all questions and requests.

Scale-based and timely payment

It goes without saying that we pay our employees according to applicable pay scales. This also naturally includes special benefits agreed upon by collective wage agreements, such as additional payments for jobs in certain industries, as well as holiday or vacation pay. Our temporary staffing programs are aligned according to the pay scale provisions of the German Federal Employer's Association of Recruitment Agencies.

When and how much do you want to work?

Whether full-time, part-time or for a mini-job – at KÖTTER Personnel Services, you will find a job that matches your schedule and can perfectly adapt to your private needs.

Proactive application

Apply speculatively to your desired profession with us! We will contact you as soon as a suitable post is being published.

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