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03. June 2020

News release

Friedrich P. Kötter: “Learn the right lessons from the Corona crisis”

The Vice President of BDWi (Federal Association of the Service Economy) demands: Companies must recognise the systemic relevance of the facility services on a sustainable basis

-> Lünendonk study: KÖTTER Services consolidates its position as the top facility service provider

-> Family entrepreneur: “Facility Services are still often rated mainly from the point of view of costs and not according to their actual value”

Essen (03/06/2020). The service group KÖTTER Services has reconfirmed its position among the top service providers in the Lünendonk ranking “Leading Facility Service Company”. The family business thus corroborates its competency as a system provider for complex and labour-intensive facility services and as a specialist for high quality security, cleaning and personnel services. At the same time, Friedrich P. Kötter is using the recent results of the renowned study as an opportunity to point out the systemic relevance of the facility services. “The Corona pandemic has made this even more evident”, emphasises the Board of Directors in Essen today. “Companies and the public sector should learn the right lessons from this pandemic.”

With a turnover of 565 million euros and 18,800 employees, the long-established company made the leap to the 12th place with its headquarters in Essen. “We are proud to be ranked among the solid circle of Top Player for Facility Services since many years,” says the family entrepreneur. “At the same time, it is an incentive for us to continue to convince only with high quality.”

The instigators were the Smart Service Solutions, which provide full support in the Support Services or in the core business to the clients. The increasingly close interlocking with the existing customer processes using special additional digital services is, therefore, gaining more importance. This is explained better with examples such as an “electronic blotter”, which enables to retrieve safety-related entries in real time from any location just like electronic quality management systems in the Cleaning sector, which enable to assess the test results directly at the site. The portfolio is completed by the digital alerting and crisis management solution FACT24, among other things, with which companies are prepared for any emergency and crisis situation.

Small and medium-sized businesses need crisis-proof safety, hygiene and staff deployment concepts
In light of the current Corona pandemic that has brought challenges to the economy that were never known before, the 53-year-old states: “Especially the small and medium-sized companies are not well-prepared for the pandemic or for similar situations. On one hand, medium-sized companies often do not have any professional crisis management system that can treat the different risk factors integratively. On the other hand, Facility Services are often rated primarily as per cost considerations and not as per their actual value for safety, hygiene and reliable and effective production processes.” How else can the trend towards savings in the cleaning and hygiene services that existed long before the Corona crisis be explained, which has aggravated in the last few years?

“That’s why all companies should draw the right conclusions from the Corona pandemic. This means, in particular, recognising the systemic relevance of the facility services on a sustainable basis and to make prevention in the form of professional Risk and Business Continuity Management (BCM) a commitment,” emphasises the Vice President of the Bundesverband der Dienstleistungswirtschaft (BDWi) (Federal Association of the Service Economy). Mandatory components are crisis-proof safety, personnel as well as hygiene and sanitizing solutions. “This is the only way to curb and prevent the potential hazards caused by Covid-19 or, in the event of an emergency, to reduce the impacts related to additional staff requirements, more safety and cleaning requirements.”

Perspectives of the Facility Services
Strengthening the overall social recognition of Facility Services also offers huge opportunities for the industry itself, which the Corona pandemic is also not passing without a trace. This is also true for our own company group: “Just like the entire economy, our family business is also feeling the Corona crisis,” says the Board of Directors. “The effects vary depending on the job sector and region. However, we are overall confident that our group will also overcome this challenge successfully due to its broad positioning.”

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