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28. September 2020

News release

30 Years of Reunification: Courageously Seizing New Opportunities

-> A Look back at Security and Buildings Services Provided by KÖTTER Services between 1990 and 2020

-> Friedrich P. Kötter, Member of the Board of Directors: “To me, German reunification is an outstanding political event.”

-> Pioneering role: Family business was one of the first service providers between the Baltic Sea and the Thuringian Forest

Berlin/Dresden/Essen (28.09.2020). Germany will have been one again for almost 11,000 days when reunification is celebrated for the 30th time next Saturday, October 3. In addition to the pride in overcoming the division of the state, the focus is on the growing together of people in the former West and East. The new beginning on the path to today’s high performance is exemplarily reflected in the service industry and thus in the development of the KÖTTER Group.

The KÖTTER Group was a pioneer in the establishment of private security services, which laid the foundation for today’s facility services portfolio, making it one of the first service providers ever between the Baltic Sea and the Thuringian Forest. “To me, German reunification is an outstanding political event.” It is admirable what the citizens and also the politicians dared to do at that time and above all what they achieved,” says Friedrich P. Kötter, Member of the Board of Directors of the KÖTTER Group. “My parents in particular saw great opportunities for our family business in this, and within a very short time after the fall of the wall they decided to become involved in the new federal states, thus demonstrating once again their entrepreneurial vision.

The nucleus was formed by KÖTTER Security GmbH Dresden, a joint venture with the VEB Dienstleistungsbetrieb Dresden. It was founded on June 7, 1990 – i.e. before the inception of the Economic and Monetary Union and the introduction of the DM on July 1. This company became part of the family business about half a year later. The purchase of BOSS GmbH and the change of name into KÖTTER Security GmbH took place in Berlin almost parallel to July 11. Then it went “blow by blow”: On July 1 and 31, 1990, respectively, the first locations started with Dresden and Bitterfeld, followed on August 1 by the security branch office in Berlin. By Christmas 1990 there were 6, one year later 21. During implementation, flexibility and the highest level of commitment from all those involved were the trump cards.

Exceptional projects and long-term customer relationships

Since then, courageously seizing new opportunities has remained the credo of the family business.
The three decades included, for example, the security measures taken when the Western allied armed forces were adopted (1994). The success of the high service standards is also illustrated by the customer relationships that have lasted for decades. For example, KÖTTER Security has been active for the Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss brewery, which belongs to Radeberger Gruppe KG, for 26 years now.

Thanks to employees

“The commitment on both sides at that time and the ambition to let the former border between East and West disappear from our minds as quickly as possible and to look into the future as a team were indescribable,” remembers Friedrich P. Kötter. This is an extraordinary team effort, which over the last decades has made it possible for us to carry out orders for well-known customers and to master extraordinary projects. “Congratulations to the employees and managers of the locations concerned, who are celebrating their 30th branch office anniversary this summer and autumn. You deserve my special thanks and the greatest recognition for your commitment.”

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